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                  HAIYUE MOULD

                  Taizhou Haiyue Mould Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently the most professional manufacturer of extrusion flat heads in China. Specializing in the production of various plastic plates, sheets, film molds, single or multi-layer co-extruded film dispensers, melt metering pumps, various hydraulic automatic screen changers. Rich manufacturing experience and continuous technological innovation, coupled with the most modern processing center equipment, make the products more perfect, widely used in PE, APET, PETG, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC, EVA and other raw materials. produce.

                  Each pair of die produced by Haiyue is specially designed according to the specific requirements of customers. Our engineers and technicians will coordinate with each customer to determine the design of the mold, the molding material, the surface of the runner, Temperature control, thickness adjustment, width adjustment and other basic factors.

                  The customer's demand is our pursuit, the customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction, the customer's benefit is our benefit, and the bright future of Pingtou's mold industry is the bright future of our struggle. Let us build the glory of tomorrow with today's efforts!

                  Innovation is the life, talent is the foundation, management is the foundation, competition is the growth, market is the guide, and quality is the foundation.

                  HAIYUE MOULD

                  Our Ability

                  Professional Design

                  We have a mature design process, from part analysis, flow path analysis, structural analysis to process analysis. With a full 3D design, with a professional designer.

                  Mature Equipment

                  We have a deep understanding and experience in various injection molding techniques and production methods to help our customers turn innovation into reality. Thanks to precision molds, world-class machines, precision molding processes.

                  Consistent Quality

                  We have the most skilled workers, a clean environment, an orderly production process and the finest quality inspections.

                  Quality Service

                  We provide a full range of after-sales services to further ensure the convenience of our customers, such as the replacement of mold parts and support customers to solve problems.

                  HAIYUE MOULD

                  Message From The General Manager

                  Adhering to credit, sticking to responsibilities, and being willing to take responsibility for it, and not to be responsible for survival, is the realm that we Haiyang people pursue, and is the driving force for us to spur our own development. We insist on doing things in such an attitude, with such a kind of self-discipline, with such an act to win recognition and trust. "The millennium is a dusty place, and the world is said to be a husband." Haiyue is self-reliant, self-reliant and self-reliant!

                  Application area

                  • Pharmaceutical packaging: Pharmaceutical packaging, isolation clothing ...
                  • Stationery:Non-woven fabrics, stickers ...
                  • New Building Materials:Roofing materials, wall materials, waterproof materials ...
                  • Optical grade products:Diffusion film, condenser film, rainbow film ...
                  • Electronic supporting products:TV, refrigerator ...
                  • New energy:Solar energy, lithium batteries, aerospace ...
                  • Food packaging:Solar energy, lithium batteries, aerospace ...
                  • Transportation:Automotive, train, PVB safety film ...

                  Applicable materials

                  Covers almost all polymers such as: PP, PE, PC, PMMA, PET, EVA, ABS, PS, PA, PVC, PVB, PTEE, EMA, TPU, carbon fiber, PVDF, PVA, PI, EVOH, LLDPE, bio-type PE, PA, PLA and other raw materials


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